First live-action fulldome film in 5kx5k resolution “Beyond the Arctic Circle” released

“Beyond the Arctic Circle” is a live-action fulldome film specially created for the fulldome medium;it will give viewers a chance to experience the nature and wildlife of the Arctic regions with an unprecedented sense of immersive presence. The film was created with cutting edge camera technology developed by Benjamin River Productions that allows the production of a high resolution, live-action image for fulldome theatres. According to Vygantas Kirejevas, the CEO of the company, the camera is in constant development and should be considered as a first step rather than a completed product. But it already allows spherical, clean, live-action images with a native resolution of 5000 x 5000 px and enough flexibility for cinematic techniques such as varying fields of view and points of view. “Beyond the Arctic Circle” is a story about a journey to the North in search of a special fox told through the eyes of a grandfather to his grandson. As we take off on a husky sleigh, we learn about how life can survive in such extreme conditions further north and meet the amazing creatures thriving in that environment. “Beyond the Arctic Circle” is the first live-action film from the series “Natural Wonders of the World”, which takes us to the most exhilarating locations on our planet to experience and learn about the amazing diversity of the life around us. The film is 20 min in length and is intended for all audiences.