First live-action fulldome film in 5kx5k resolution “Beyond the Arctic Circle” released by Benjamin River Productions

Our Technology

Immersive Live Action Camera

Our developed camera and production proccess alows us to produce immersive live action content that is high in image quality - high resolution capture and color contrast with optimal resolution of 5k x 5k. Due to technical characteristics (compact, versatile, lightweight and waterproof) our camera allows it to be used in wide array of locations and environmental conditions and to flexibly use creative directing techniques to further enhance the visual impact (steadycam, POV, underwater). Directional surround sound and 3D sound are used to maximize the immersive experience.

Audio Software Development

Immersive 3D and 2D sound panning software, designed for live shows and production application. With integration of 3D motion sensors it makes writing complex panning trajectories seamless and fast. All speaker configurations possible, from simple 2D surround, up to 32ch 3D setup.


Beyond The Arctic Circle
Educational and entertaining live-action fulldome film about the nature and wildlife of the regions within the Arctic Circle. The expedition is experienced through the eyes of a grandfather who is telling a story about the journey in search of a special fox to his grandson. Along the journey on a husky sleigh we learn about how plants and animals  can survive in such extreme weather conditions and meet the reindeer living in Arctic tundra. As the night falls the special fox makes it's appearance in the dark - but that is a different kind of fox - the one who according to an ancient Sami legend sparks up the Northern Lights in the sky, captured by award-winning astro-photographer Stephane Vetter.

Genre: documentary, entertainment, education
Audience: all ages
Duration: 19 min
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Underwater Cultural Sites
In first quarter of 2013 we have started preparations for the first underwater shooting of relict forests site on the seabed of Baltic Sea. This is a part of a documentary film project on UNESCO underwater cultural heritage, intended for immersive environments and is produced in collaboration with prof. Vladas Žulkus.

Genre: documentary, entertainment, education
Audience: all ages
Duration: 24 min

Experience Africa
High-Impact immersive live-action film about Africa’s wildlife with ultimate sense of reality.

Genre: documentary
Audience: all ages
Duration: 20 min

Micro Aliens
Fulldome live action show about microscopic extremophiles - incredible micro-organisms surviving and thriving in extreme environmental conditions.

Genre: documentary
Audience: all ages
Duration: 24 min


Benjamin River Productions is an audiovisual production and technology development company that is pioneering in production of high definition cinematic-quality video and audio content for fulldome theatres and immersive environments. Our investors include seed and venture capital management fund Practica Capital through JEREMIE Initiative funded by EU Structural Funds as well as AMII/Audiovizualinių menų industrijos inkubatorius (Audiovisual Arts Industry Incubator) funded by European Structural Funds (ERDF).


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